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The Launch

I am thrilled to announce. . .

Drum roll, please  . . .


The Society of Police Futurists International was created as an educational non-profit to promote the use of futures research methods by practitioners and researchers working in the field of policing.  Our fundamental belief is that foresight makes for better led organizations.

This is the inaugural post.  As such, it holds a special place: the beginning.  But, as important as beginnings are, the things that follow are even more important.  And that is great news, because we have an outstanding stable of bloggers aboard.   At least once a week, you will be exposed to ideas about the future of policing from some outstanding intellects in the field.  I am sure my colleagues will continuously raise the bar and have me running to catch up.

In the weeks, months and years ahead, we commit to bring you honest and engaging discussions about the future.  The posts will vary widely, ranging across a broad spectrum of thought.  There are innumerable possible futures and discussions about them necessarily spread far afield.  And, we will uphold high standards of ethics in our blogging.  We give credit to inspirations and follow the appropriate standards of citation and reference.  While we may discuss policy, we will stay above the partisan fray.  We will keep our discussions professional and never descend into bickering and name-calling.

So, stay tuned. Futures await.

John Jackson

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